MILLERCADE (almost done!) with rotating control panel set to Joysticks.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Control Panel Parts List

ELECTRIC ICE push-button problem: As you can see in this photo, the Electric Ice Push-button cherry-switch holder protrudes too far laterally by only about 1/16 of an inch, and you can't screw your button-nut on as a result. It tips the nut as it's going on, and won't allow the threads to line up properly. I had to trim the cherry switch holders on every single one of them in order to use them. How that got past their production design folks I'll never know. They claim the switches are made from the same exact molds as Happ's buttons, but one obvious difference is Happ buttons don't have the LED lamp holder, so.... not sure what to make of that claim. Worse is all the parts are sold and packaged separately. After ordering all the various parts to get a working illuminated button, at over $7 a button, I wouldn't expect to have to do all my own soldering of resistors, bulb installation, and holder trimming. For less than $4 a button, I could have gotten a great looking illuminated button from Ultimarc that comes preassembled, resistored, and wired, with an optional chrome bezel at no extra charge! I wouldn't go with Electric Ice pushbuttons again.

Control Panel Details:

Rotating Drum:
1 of IPAC-2
--- Ultimarc $39.00
1 of A-PAC
--- Ultimarc $37.00
1 of LED controller
--- Ultimarc $29.00
(In retrospect, one U-HID board, $79.00, would do the work of all three)

Panel 1:
2 of 4-way/8-way Omnistick joystick
--- GroovyGameGear #A1OMNIPROD, $47.95
12 of Electric Ice illuminated pushbuttons with LEDs and Cherry switches
--- $7.43 each
1 of Subcompact 4-way joystick offset 45 degrees for Qbert-like games
--- HAPP Controls #50-2757-00, $35.60
1 of actual Beer Faucet (auto-shutoff type modified with cherry switch) for Tapper-like games

1 of Official Tron joystick
--- EBay $120
1 of Slickstik Tornado Spinner
--- HAPP part #95-2657-00, $71.00
1 of Happ 4” illuminated trackball
--- no longer available
6 of Ultimarc Illuminated Pushbuttons
--- $3.90 each

Panel 3:
1 of Starwars/Turbo Sub steering yoke*
--- EBays, $200
1 of 4-way shifter,
--- HAPP, $86.55
1 of “Weapons Van” button
--- HAPP custom pushbutton
2 of Ultimate pushbuttons
--- $2.05 each
1 of Pinball universal ball shooter assembly
--- HAPP #95-0086-00, $13.99

Sides of Panel 3:
4 of Ultimate pushbuttons for pinball flippers and tilts
--- HAPP $2.05 each

1 of Coin Mech Door
--- HAPP #40-0713-00, $32.95
1 of Lightgun, PC USB VGA box and holster
--- ACT Labs, $100.98
2 of Player Start button (P1 and P2)
--- $2.05 each

1 of Analogue accelerator pedal, and digital brake pedal (home made)
1 of PC “On” button (concealed location)**

Black formica from Lowes $78 each
Light Blue T-molding from
2 of Spider Sculpture from

* RAM Controls is supposedly still developing the Starwars yoke, and it's been on "pre-order" for over two years. That, or I paid for his pina coladas at Archie's Beachside Cabana that day. I'm keepign the faith and waiting this one out. I really think I'll get them some day.

** The PC is plugged into a Smart-Strip, which detects the PC drawing power when turned on. The Smart-Strip then powers on all other items of the cabinet, to include the marquee, monitor, speakers, and neon lights. When the PC is turned off, strip then powers off all other items of the cabinet too.

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